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10 Dec

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30 Aug

How to Know if You Need Foundation Repair

It can be confusing to know whether the small cracks in your house are not exactly a problem or when you already need the help of a professional. Remember that problems with the foundation may result in other possible repairs, so you need to have them fixed immediately. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to find out whether it’s time for a foundation repair. Identifying Foundation Problems The cracks around your house can appear for various reasons. It can be hard to determine whether a crack is simply because the house is settling with age or it is a sign of a bigger problem. Some factors that can affect the way your house settles include the weather and soil, which can create unsafe gaps under the foundation. Checking the Cracks Walk inside and outside your house regularly and mark the cracks you see. Keep a record of the size of the crack and the date. The next time you go around the house, check the cracks again to see if things are getting worse. Moreover, check if there is any damage in the ceiling, walls, basements, and crawl spaces. If there’s a crack bigger than 1/16th of an inch, you need to call an expert. Foundation repair companies can provide protection for your abode’s interior and can tell you if the crack can affect overall functionality. Cracks can differ in size and can be located in different places in the house. They also pose varying levels of danger. So, it’s crucial that you can distinguish between cracks that simply need a quick patch and the ones that can cause serious harm. Cracked or uneven doors and windows – hairline cracks on windows can indicate that the foundation underneath the house is shifting. The foundation is shifting if the cracks widen during your monitoring. See whether the doors and windows open and close properly. Doors that malfunction or stick, and uneven doors and windows that do not fit squarely can be a sign that you need home foundation repair. Cracked floors – broken or cracked tiles indicate problems in the foundation underneath. Hollow-sounding or loose tiles could mean that the foundation has sunk, creating an uneven surface in your home. Cracks in the concrete – small cracks in the exposed concrete could mean a non-structural issue, but deep, vertical cracks are possibly structural problems. If you leave a suspicious crack unattended, the structural integrity of your house could be affected. The load-bearing capability of the walls can be compromised, possibly leading to a dangerous collapse. A lot of people do not pay attention to foundation issues in their house until these become a bigger problem. If you do this, you’re making your home a dangerous place to live in and at the same time, making foundation repair more costly. If you live in the Greater Houston area and search online for “foundation repair near me,” you should be able to find a few good results. You can contact these credible contractors
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25 Jul

Kitchen and Bath Remodeling: How Best to Go About Your Project and Avoid Costly Mistakes

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling can be overwhelming, but the job can be simplified if you know some basic rules to follow and if you choose the right contractor. For a good start, consider the points below. The Budget: How Much Does It Cost To Remodel A Bathroom or Kitchen? Because renovation projects tend to be pricey, plan your budget well. The advice is if you can do it, then do it. If it is beyond your financial capacity, then wait. Never buy cheap materials or get the cheapest deal, because if you do, you might receive mediocre service or end up with lots of complaints about the final result. Remember that you must also look into a possibility of selling your home in the future. For bathroom remodeling: It’s best to set aside about $10,000, which is the national average. A new bathtub installation will cost about $6,000 to $8,000, while new cabinets will cost around $8,000 to $13,000. Note that these are high-range estimates. For low-range bathtub installation, prices start at $400. With low-range cabinet installation, consider allocating at least $1,200. For kitchen remodeling: According to home, bath, and kitchen contractors, homeowners pay significantly higher for kitchen remodel projects. The average cost is placed at $21,751 with $12,594 as the lowest amount. Lavish projects have been recorded to reach up to more than $50,000. So take a look at your budget and be realistic about how much leverage it can give you before going on “kitchen and bath showrooms near me” searches. If you plan your budget well, there’s no need to break the bank. Renovation Mistakes To Avoid Apart from the advice to never buy low-cost materials, you’d best steer clear of these common errors: Inaccurate measurements – If you’re off half an inch or one whole inch, you will not get the full impact that you desire with your renovation. Get an expert to do the measurements instead of you. Building a small kitchen or bathroom – When you do your bath and kitchen showrooms near me research, take note of the sizes of the models that you see. One thing you will notice is the appropriateness of the sizes of fixtures. Big bathrooms get big fixtures while small ones get small-sized fixtures. You don’t want your setup to be crowded or be forced to buy costly large-sized fixtures to cover a big space. Ignoring lighting – Lighting fixtures deserve your full attention. The lighting in your home can affect the mood and vibe in a great way. Try to check kitchen remodel before and after images online and check how lights are used. There are three ways: Lamps are either used for general lighting, task lighting, or accent lighting. Those images can very well help you get a better idea about how you want your lighting done. Level Pro Home Service The best advice for your kitchen and bath remodeling is to choose a licensed contractor. One good place to jumpstart the search is Level Pro
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27 Mar

Paralympian Marine vet is gifted a custom home

Veterans are special people.  They protect our home land, they fight for our country and they are the real super heros that provide us a home to live in on our countries' soil.  But that's not enough for Retired Marine Cpl, Like McDermott as noted in the following Fox News article: Ret. Marine Cpl. Luke McDermott is currently in Pyeongchang, South Korea, at the 2018 Paralympic Winter Games. But when he comes home to the U.S. — with a gold medal in hand — he’ll return to land that will one day be his home. Ret. Marine Cpl. Luke McDermott is currently competing in Pyeongchang, South Korea, at the 2013 Paralympic Winter Games.  (Team USA) That home, to be based in his home state of New York, is courtesy of Homes For Our Troops — a nonprofit charity organization based in Massachusetts. The group, which “builds and donates specially adapted custom homes nationwide” for veterans who were “severely injured” in Iraq or Afghanistan after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, is actually the key to “rebuilding their lives.” “[Military veterans] are able to do so much more after receiving the home,” Teresa Verity, of Homes For Our Troops, told Fox News. She explained that with these custom-made homes, they no longer have “to deal with day-to-day stress.” Rated “four stars” by Charity Navigator, Verity said the organization was created in 2004 with the mission to help rebuild the lives of veterans whose worlds have been turned upside down from injuries sustained while serving in combat. Keep Reading